Mixed Martial Arts

I've been very lucky to have had the opportunity to work across a wide variety of sports throughout my career, with arguably the most prominent being mixed martial arts. Having the chance to work with world championship calibre fighters, and capture some of the biggest events, from some of the biggest organisations in the world, is something I will never take for granted.

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A huge passion of mine outside of work, as well as within my work at times, is coffee. I've always enjoyed the process of coffee, from the bean to the cup. I love the culture of coffee, and learning more about it the more I explore, and how if differs in different countries an cultures. From the roasters to the coffee shops, that I am very fortunate to work with, to making it myself and experimenting at home in my spare time.


I am lucky enough that a number of businesses and brands have trusted me down through the years to be the one to capture and showcase what it is they do, and what they produce. From on-site photography, showing the process of their business and their day-to-day running, to product photography, displaying their hard work in a way that is true to their brand, and helps appeals to potential customers.


Another huge part of my life and career, particularly in the early years, was the time I spent working in motorsport. Beginning my career as a journalist and photographer, I worked at home in Ireland on both circuits and roads. I was lucky enough to then branch out into the British Superbike championship, covering the series full-time for a number of years, as well as, on occasion, the World Superbike championship.


Campaigns have gradually become something I have really enjoyed shooting the past few years. It appeals to the narrative producing side of my work. Coming up with not only an idea and a style, but at times a story, to create a series of photographs that help to showcase a specific product/business/brand, and tell the story of the those who created it, and help bring that product to a wider audience.


I've been very fortunate to cover a lot of events in my career. From local, intimate venues, to some of the biggest arenas and stages in the country and further a field. It is something I certainly don't take for granted. I've been lucky to shoot a huge variety of events, ranging from sports, to stand-up comedy, as well as music, live podcasts, conventions, and at times even weddings.